Patrick Livingston

(President of the Fund)

Founder of  Arms of Hope Community Inc., Above the Sea restaurant and Life Ownership program, Patrick Livingston has a passion: helping others to overcome adversity and become self-sufficient.
As the owner of a local restaurant, he saw a distinctive opportunity to employ people struggling for a fresh start.

This inspired Patrick to expand his program and to fill in specific service gaps. After leaving rehab facilities, many employees were living in halfway and sober houses, but were not being taught
how to adjust ‘real life’ and their new found freedom.  By combining a supportive living environment
with therapeutic and vocational curriculum, LOP was the first of its
kind to offer a full service, post-rehab experience that allows participants to
regain ownership of their lives within the community.

And now as Mr. Livingston begins to work on his next project phase for the:  Arms of Hope Community Inc. he has been able to understand the importance of community involvement as he is beginning to renovate and furnish this community center which will be devouted to providing job skills training, empowerment and healthy lifestyle 

We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!

Patrick Livingston

Our staff

Arms of Hope Community, Inc.

1506 Wing Field Street

Lake Worth FL 33460